Village Tidyup

In relation to the above, we would very much like to order a warm sunny day!

While that is sadly outwith our control, we would still like the village to look its
best, especially if we have guests and dignitaries attending.

Going forward, as we head into summer, it is more likely we will have curious visitors coming to see somewhere that has been more in the press and news than is usual of late.

That leaves us with just over five weeks to do what we can before the end of May, so we have arranged an initial tidy up exercise for this Saturday, the 23rd of April.

This will give us an opportunity to assess what needs to be done; to get to grips with the roadsides; strim and cut grass where appropriate; and to tackle anything else that is within our abilities and gift to complete. Again, any ideas are welcome.

While we intend to start operations at 10am, we would be grateful for any assistance or input from villagers during the day, so we would hope to see as many people there as possible.

All weather permitting of course, and as a special reward, there will be tea and cake served afterwards.

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