Spring Tree-Planting Event 2017

We hope to hold a tree planting session in the village on Saturday 17th March, and, as there are over 400 (Woodland Trust donated) trees to get into the ground, the help of as many people in the community as possible would be much appreciated!

We are keen to develop shelter belts here and there to provide shelter and habitat locally, and to help with drainage and the look of the place.

The gathering point will be at the Fank at 10am, so we hope to see you there!

We expect to have a small digger to assist with the heavy lifting, but spades would be appreciated, and there is a task for everyone…from turning over the earth, to planting the tree, to ensuring that the soil is firmly pressed down, that the tree is watered , and that it is fitted with a protective plastic sleeve, cane and tie.

3 people planted 105 trees in 2 and a half hours in November, so a few more volunteers will help ensure that this larger number of plants can be secured snuggly in their new homes in a similar amount of time.

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Renewables Feasibility Study Completed

Ecodyn have now completed the second and final part of the Renewables Feasibility study on behalf of Keose Glebe.

A high level summary of the main conclusions will be included with the next newsletter, but a copy of the full technical report is available to all members on request.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ecodyn for the evaluation work done,  for their assessment of it in the context of the current renewables marketplace, and for the options we have for taking things forward.

This data and analysis will now be used by the Estate in developing its plans for the future in conjunction with our wider development aims.

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New Keose Glebe Director

A full compliment of Keose Glebe directors has been restored with the appointment of Ann Moqbel to the Board.

We very much welcome Ann’s knowledge, experience, and administrative expertise to help keep us right as we work away on the many aspects of estate development and running a business.

As a very small village, and as we do not have the benefit of paid staff here, all voluntary effort is very much appreciated. If you have any free time, or skills to put to the benefit of the community, or if you want to discuss any idea, or just want to discuss and find about what is happening, just come and visit us at the Portacabin — Tuesdays @ 7pm

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New Businesses start up in Keose Glebe

We are delighted to see new business ventures start up here.

Home Maintenance Services recently got into full swing, and we are pleased to hear from Gordon Greenhowe, the man behind it and we wish him every future success.

Gordon writes:

“I had been working for Tesco Maintenance for the past five and a half years. I felt it was time to try something different while keeping involved in maintenance work, which I really enjoy.

My initial plan was to enter the market slowly on a 2 day week while having the security of the Tesco Maintenance job still there.

It soon became clear there was a desperate need for my services on a full time basis, which I went for in December 2016.

It has so far proved to be the right decision with a busy work diary ahead of me.

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Finding the Lost Glebe [3] – The last of the ‘Old Trees’ of Lewis

We do know that the peninsula here reputedly had/has the last remnants of the native woodland that once covered the island before the Vikings ‘torched the earth’.

This remnant was known as ‘Coile Suardail’ or Swordale forest, of which in the present day only a few scrub birch trees remain, clinging to loch and sea margins.

Why this corner remained through the centuries is unclear, but even through to the early 19th century it covered a still significant area.

In c1817, Keose and Swordale were said to have 18 acres of wood. William Macgillivray wrote that year that he went to see:

“a small birch wood near the [Manse]- the only piece of natural wood, or rather shrubbery, in the Long Island”

In 1830 he wrote:

“In the island of Lewis, not far from the manse of Keose, there are the remains of a birch wood, the stunted bushes of which occupy a considerable extent of ground”

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Clay Pigeon Shooting Ground Consultation

Members results were:

27 (90%) for and 3 (10%) against – 30 votes in total

Crofters results were:

8 (89%) for, and 1 (11%) against – 9 votes in total

In addition, 4 current non-member residents voted (3 for and 1 against).

The Directors noted both the overall support from members and crofters for these proposals. They also noted the concerns raised, and agreed to seek ways that these could be minimised or mitigated.

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Operational Pipeline

Some initial pumping on the new Marine Harvest pipeline has now taken place – primarily in order to test the system and to provide some ballast in the water holding pens in Loch Erisort.

By the time you read this, it is expected that the pipeline will be in full operation, and the first treatment of  salmon will have taken place.

Hopefully this will go well, and will go on to be a win-win situation for Marine Harvest, the estate, and importantly, the local environment.

The pipeline is able to pump 250m3 per hour (over 50,000 gallons), but the overall extraction rate is governed by SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) who issue a daily extraction allowance.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) even at full capacity, the pump has barely scratched the extraction allowance due to the continuing high levels of rainfall locally.

We hope to have an official opening of the system once all the testing has been completed.

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Lews Castle College – 2017 Evening Classes

As part of our Community and Estate Management Training plans, we are looking to take advantage of the evening classes being run by Lews Castle College in February and March.

We hope to get a number of people trained in Computing (ECDL) and other disciplines, and we have had a number of expressions of interest from the village already.

There is funding support available to meet the costs of the training, but the estate will be willing to offer further financial assistance for local people on courses that help with the estates running and development.

Further details are available here:



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