Playpark Development

Work on the new Playpark for the two villages is nearing completion, with the final elements in relation to signage, safety matting, grass seeding and so on currently being undertaken.

A formal opening day event is now planned for the 1st of September, which will include fun and entertainment for all ages and the whole community, including a barbeque, bouncy castle and more.

Given the effort being put in to getting both the park and the launch, Keose Glebe Estate have decided not to run its own ‘community day’ this summer, but will instead assist with, and contribute to, the Community Association event.

A great deal of local volunteer effort has gone in to getting the park up and running, and this will be a fantastic resource for the children in the community.

This effort is much appreciated.

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Lucky2BHere Presentation

Following an Estate meeting, Alister Macdonald presented, on behalf of the Keose Glebe community, a cheque for £100 to Councillor Angus Morrison in support of the Lucky2BHere charity who have placed a  defibrillator in the village.

Having this valuable lifesaving equipment here is much appreciated, and we would like to thank both Angus and Lucky2BHere for the tireless work they have undertaken in fundraising, locating and maintaining defibrillators in many places across the islands.

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Geocaches on the Glebe

5 Geocaches have been placed on the Keose Glebe Estate for people to find, and for them to enjoy the scenery and views into the bargain!

Details on their locations will be uploaded shortly.

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Community Day Review

This was very much a step into the unknown for the Keose Glebe Community in many ways. In terms of organising and running an event of this nature, of knowing how well the venue chosen would work, whether the weather would hold together, and lots of other if, buts and maybe’s.

On the day however, things worked out brilliantly.

Ok, the marquee we had organised did not appear, the midges were intense both before and after the event, and a number of other challenges reared their heads. However, everyone kept cool, and worked away, diligently and without argument, so when it came to opening time, all was done, all was prepared, the midges had given up, and the sun had come out to shine!! Continue reading “Community Day Review”

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Keose and Glebe Community Day

Keose Glebe Estate and Keose Glebe Steering Group
Together with Pursuit Hebrides
Cordially invite you to a
Keose and Glebe Community Day
in Keose Glebe on Saturday 26th August

We would very much like to see as many of the residents and crofters in our two villages, both old and young, there as possible, and we hope that there will be something of interest there for everyone, even its just for a blether and a cup of tea with your neighbours! Continue reading “Keose and Glebe Community Day”

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Keose Glebe Pop-Up Garden

Work on the community garden beside the Meeting House has begun.

The grass is being cut, trees and bushes are being planted, and we hope to eventually have a path and seating area for people to come and view the harbour and village.

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