The Launch of the Keose Glebe ‘Heron’

Great fun was had when the Estate launched its first boat on Loch Keose. It was a real team effort, and everyone helped in getting the ‘Heron’ safely into the water.

Thank you to Calum D, Finlay, Alister, Cathy and Louise for ensuring that things went smoothly.

The boat is now available for hire. Please get in touch with a director, email or look on our website for further details.

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Loch Keose Access Costs 2017

Boat Hire (Up to 3 passengers – Oars and Lifejackets provided)

  1 Hour Hire 4 Hour HIre Day HIre
Public £10 £17.50 £25
Associate Keose Glebe Member £7.50 £15 £20
Full Keose Glebe Member £5 £10 £15

Own Boat Mooring Charges (Season)

Public £100
Associate Keose Glebe Member £75
Full Keose Glebe Member £50

Please get in touch for further details and bookings.

Debit/Credit Card Facilities are available

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The New Fishing Season on Loch Keose

Keose Glebe households should have received a copy of the first part of the Stephan (Ski) Pozorski’ appraisal of the fishing of Loch Keose for your comments.

We hope that Stefan will be conducting the next part of his study once the new fishing season on the Loch begins, and he gets his first chance to battle it out with its inhabitants.

Thankfully, this is not too far away as the fishing season begins on the 15th of March.

People will, from this year, be able to put their own boats on the Loch for the season. While there are limited available spaces, priority will be given, and a discount made, for Keose Glebe members.

A mooring space will be made available on a first come, first served basis, but the boat owner will be responsible for the boat, the mooring and any other necessary (safety) equipment and insurances.

A fee rate is currently being finalised, but if you are at all interested in having and using a boat on the Loch, please get in touch with us and register an interest by the end of the month.

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New Mobile Post Office Service

The new weekly Mobile Post Office service is due to begin next week (30th January),  and will be coming to the villages of Keose/Keose Glebe each Monday morning.

It will stop at the Meeting Housing between 11:20am and 12:20pm

Why not come down and say ‘Hello’, and see what they have to offer!

They hope to provide a wide range of services, including car tax; cash deposits and withdrawals to nearly all banks; currency; benefit and pension payments; and of course taking mail.

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Local VDSL Broadband Availability

The Estate has carried out research on possible fibre broadband (VDSL) speeds that are expected to be available  in the village.

On average, households here should be able to get 12 – 20mb/s downspeed download speeds and 1-2mb/s upload speeds.

This means that sufficient bandwidth for proper video streaming and video conferencing is finally here – hopefully spelling an end to the dreaded buffering egg-timer!

We have, however, identified 2 properties in the village, and a further 6 in Keose, where faults in the cabinet or in the exchange are potentially preventing people from connecting to these services.

These faults have been reported to the households in question, and fed back to Openreach for further investigation.

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Faster Broadband in Keose is Live!

We have received notification that the FTTC cabinet in Keose has now gone live.

This means that orders for faster ‘fibre’ internet services can now be placed.

While the best speeds will be available the closer you are to the cabinet, significant improvements over ADSL broadband should now be available to Keose Glebe households.

This is a very welcome development, and we would like to thank Donnie Morrison from HIE for his support and efforts in this matter.


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Mobile Post Office

Following the sad closure of the Post Office previously run by Kenny Dan Mackenzie at 7a Keose, the community was left without this local facility for the first time in over a century. Perhaps we thought that this had gone for good…but this might not quite be the case.

We have been approached by the Post Office in relation to a new mobile service that they hope to set up in the next couple of months.

Operated by the Postmaster in Tarbert, a van would visit the village each week, and would provide a wide range of services, from car tax; cash deposits and withdrawals to nearly all banks; currency; benefit and pension payments; and of course taking mail and many more – perhaps even a Paypoint facility for the payment of all sorts of bills.

Obviously, this will only work if there is local demand for the service, and things like the time and day of the stop here will be important. We will also need to decide on an appropriate location in the village for the stop – a good mobile phone signal or internet connection is required there however.

The Post Office is willing to install an appropriate phone line – it would be housed in a green metal box which the Postmaster would open up and plug in a data cable so that he can do his transactions…but this means that the stop location would have to be in the same place each week.

Your thoughts and comments on the proposed service, and ideas for the best location would be most welcome.


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Since the Keose Glebe Community acquired ownership of the foreshore around the estate, including the majority of the bay at Port na Caraigh (up to the Carrington’s Garages), there have been a number of requests or expressions of interest from people looking to obtain a mooring for their boats here.

The existing moorings around Tavay are in limited supply, but the tidal nature of the bay, together with general access and other difficulties, makes short term or ‘easy’ expansion problematic.

Moorings in deeper waters are still governed by the Crown Estate (who we hope to meet this month)

We are, however, keen to see what expertise and advice can be brought to the matter, and what funding can be obtained to improve matters and access for all would-be users (without any detriment to the current mooring holders). Initially therefore, we would like to (informally at this stage):

Draw up a register of the current moorings, their locations and holders;

  • Assess the demand for additional moorings and facilities – initially from the inhabitants of the villages of Keose and Keose Glebe, but from further afield also;
  • To get some initial thoughts and comments from any interested party – both on what could and needs to be done around the bay and harbour, and any negative issues that affect use and enjoyment at the present time.

Please contact us with your information, views and expressions of interest.


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