Official Buyout Ceremony

Following on from the successful buyout of the estate last month, we are planning an official event on Saturday the 28th of May to properly mark and celebrate the historic achievement.

We are currently working on a number of ideas as to how this could be best done, and any thoughts and ideas you may have on the matter would be most welcome.

Currently we are looking at two distinct parts to the day. Firstly in the afternoon, our idea was for an short, formal process with the actual handover ceremony taking place (perhaps at the Meeting House and around the ‘entrance’ to the Glebe); and later, a more relaxed, and enjoyable social gathering for the village and friends (up on the Glebe itself).

All the residents of the village are very much the VIP’s on this occasion, and are most cordially invited to attend this hopefully memorable day.

We will come back to you with further information and an itinerary as things develop over the next few weeks

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