Crofter Training – Session 1

A very enjoyable and informative training session on ‘Grassland Weed Management and the Control of Common Rush’ was held on the 23rd of June.

This was open to all Keose and Glebe Crofters and Residents, and while not as many people as expected managed to attend, those that did found a lot to learn, discuss and think about, and which will be invaluable as we attempt to improve the quality of our soils, crofts and grazings. Continue reading “Crofter Training – Session 1”

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Keose Glebe Noticeboard

The work on the village noticeboard has taken a step forward with the arrival of the centrepiece signage, and the creation of a flowerbed around its base.

This signage has two purposes – one as a village map and locator; and secondly as a space to advertise local businesses, services and funding providers.

Additional information panels and services will be installed soon.

Thanks to Stuart at Graphite Signs for the excellent signage; to Angus Macdonald for the stonework; and to Donna Graysmith for the plants and planting.

Continue reading “Keose Glebe Noticeboard”

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Keose Glebe Pop-Up Garden

Work on the community garden beside the Meeting House has begun.

The grass is being cut, trees and bushes are being planted, and we hope to eventually have a path and seating area for people to come and view the harbour and village.

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Land Management and Improvement

Ian Cairns will be back in the village this month, and this will give us an opportunity to discuss the findings of his Land Capability Study.

He will also provide a half day training session on Rushes/Croft/Land improvement.

The Land Capability Study discussion will be open to all Keose Glebe residents and crofters, and will take place at the Estate Office on Friday 23rd June at 7pm.

The Training Session will be open to anyone from Keose or Keose Glebe, and will take place at the Estate Office on Saturday 24th June from 10-2pm.

[Apologies – the above dates and times have been altered from those previously advertised due to unforeseen circumstances].

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Office Access Improvement

Further work to improve the access road to the Estate Office has now begun. The work is being done by AMK and will involve drainage and tarring around the entrance-way.

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There be diggers!!

Work has now begun on the ground and drainage improvements at the Keose Community Playpark. This is preparatory work to improve the general playing area and to support the future siting of play equipment for which fundraising efforts are ongoing.

Any donations to this project are most welcome, and should be directed to Mrs Jan Gold at 8 Keose or Freddie Macleod at 6 Keose.

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Tree Donation to Keose Glebe

Following the success of our tree-planting, a welcome further donation of around 100 trees (mostly sycamore) has been made to the community for planting locally.

These will now be planted in appropriate spots around the estate over the coming months.

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