Mobile Post Office

Following the sad closure of the Post Office previously run by Kenny Dan Mackenzie at 7a Keose, the community was left without this local facility for the first time in over a century. Perhaps we thought that this had gone for good…but this might not quite be the case.

We have been approached by the Post Office in relation to a new mobile service that they hope to set up in the next couple of months.

Operated by the Postmaster in Tarbert, a van would visit the village each week, and would provide a wide range of services, from car tax; cash deposits and withdrawals to nearly all banks; currency; benefit and pension payments; and of course taking mail and many more – perhaps even a Paypoint facility for the payment of all sorts of bills.

Obviously, this will only work if there is local demand for the service, and things like the time and day of the stop here will be important. We will also need to decide on an appropriate location in the village for the stop – a good mobile phone signal or internet connection is required there however.

The Post Office is willing to install an appropriate phone line – it would be housed in a green metal box which the Postmaster would open up and plug in a data cable so that he can do his transactions…but this means that the stop location would have to be in the same place each week.

Your thoughts and comments on the proposed service, and ideas for the best location would be most welcome.


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