Moor Road Management

Below: The Keose Glebe Moor Road before the recent improvement works.

Photo Copyright David Macaulay (CorkyKeoseBoy)
Photo Copyright David Macaulay (CorkyKeoseBoy)

Over recent months, we have seen an increased amount of vehicle traffic using the moor road. Some of these visitors are using the road at all hours of the day or night, and are not always following the speed restrictions that we have put in place.

We are keen to ensure the new road is not abused, and that it is maintained to a high standard, therefore we have installed a folding bollard at the beginning of the moor road to better manage and control that car and vehicle traffic.

We understand the use of the road for crofting purposes, and the bollard should not prevent livestock or quad vehicle use. Generally, we expect the road to be open for most of the time, with possible closures and deployment at night and at weekends.

Below: The Moor Road today.

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