Estate Maintenance

Running a (Community) estate takes some effort – administrative and practical; and each time we take on a new project, a little more of each is required. In addition, periodic maintenance is then necessary to ensure that everything is kept at the desired level and quality.

This means that, here in Keose Glebe, voluntary effort is required to, for example, cut grass, clean and bail boats, check moorings, paint walls, dig and replant flowerbeds, check trees, kill weeds, mend roads, clean offices; service vehicles and equipment, and more.

This takes time, especially when the maintenance need is unexpected. An example of this was the many hours undertaken in watering the trees during the extremely hot and dry spell of weather earlier this summer.

We hope the community appreciates the effort being undertaken on their behalf. We would like to in particular thank Donna for her flower maintenance duties, Finlay and Calum Dan for installing the bollard and donation box, Finlay for his tree watering and boat maintenance efforts, and to Cathy (and cousin Catriona!) for painting the picnic benches.

We are also pleased to see some in the community doing some more roadside grass-cutting around their properties (thank you for that!) and would very much welcome any other practical assistance, little or large, that anyone else can offer at any time of the year.

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