Shoreline Clean-Up

A big thank you to Marine Harvest for their help in supporting the community and tidying up the Keose Glebe coastline in recent days, and particularly that around the bay of Port Eilean Thabhaigh, on the 4th of May.

As it is open to the sea and the prevailing winds, a significant amount of rubbish has collected here over many years, but with the hard work of the 6 Marine Harvest staff, and their boats and cranes, and with repeated visits, this was all removed and disposed off, restoring the beautiful shingle strand to its former pristine condition.

Above: The cleaned up shore.

Above: The workers, finishing off the final load. Thanks again guys!

Hopefully this effort will mean that it is easier to keep things tidy and under control here in the future, but Keose Glebe has an amazing 12 miles of coastline around its boundary, and this will need some ongoing work to keep it as we would want.


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