Crofter Training 2

Another interesting and useful training session was held in the Estate Office on the 25th of August, and crofters from both Keose, Keose Glebe and elsewhere were in attendance. Once again, the training was led by Ian Cairns of Agrifood Technical Services, and topics included: Sheep, Brexit and planning for the future; Sheep, markets and values; The impact of Brexit on sheep industry; New ideas to make practical flock management simpler; and new ideas for improved profitability.

The recent Estate survey was also discussed, and we had the opportunity to have a question and answer session on general local and wider crofting issues. Ian also attended the Community Day the following day, and was on hand to discuss and provide advice and practical guidance. Thank you to Ian, and to all those that took part.

We have a further two training sessions to deliver, so suggestions for areas to cover are welcomed. Ideas so far include: Keeping the right live-stock records and understanding the legal obligations of being a livestock keeper; Ensuring we are currently claiming the correct support grants and subsidies; and Developing a plan for managing the common land at Keose Glebe.

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