Clay Pigeon Shooting Ground Consultation

Members results were:

27 (90%) for and 3 (10%) against – 30 votes in total

Crofters results were:

8 (89%) for, and 1 (11%) against – 9 votes in total

In addition, 4 current non-member residents voted (3 for and 1 against).

The Directors noted both the overall support from members and crofters for these proposals. They also noted the concerns raised, and agreed to seek ways that these could be minimised or mitigated.

The Directors suggested that a short term lease (for perhaps 2 years initially) might be preferable – to see how things develop. The proposers were asked, on the basis of the initial consultation findings, to develop a more detailed implementation plan (including the road extension and improvement) with timescales.

As the moorland falls under crofting tenure, these findings were passed to the Grazings Committee for the crofters to make their independent decision.

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