The Keose Glebe Community Buyout has been completed!

The whole community should be immensely proud of the part it played in making this buyout happen. It is an amazing achievement, and one that has helped shine a very positive light on the village and its inhabitants…an achievement that has caused funders, the press and the general public at large, to sit up and take notice.

That can only be a good thing, and one that will hopefully stand us in good stead going forward.

The process completed was really just a means to an end however – to get control of the land we live on, and to shape the future of the place in the way *we* the people who live here, want it to.

That may be a bigger, more long-term challenge – and from the moment we became community landowners, we immediately acquired not just hopes and dreams, but responsibilities and duties too – ones we cannot now evade or shy away from.

While we will need to balance the good and bad, while we will have to be both patient and quick to respond on occasion, there are all sorts of opportunities out there, which we will look at, share, discuss, evaluate and tackle…bit by bit, and little by little, as we learn and grow together.

Just as importantly, there are also all sorts of small practical ideas, and step-changes that do not need funding or external input, but that we ourselves, with a positive approach and willingness to work together, can implement, to create lasting benefit and value for all.

Exciting and inspiring times!

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