A study of land capability, habitat condition and land use at Keose Glebe

Ian Cairns has carried out a survey and assessment of the estate land, to help us develop an estate/grazings management and development plan.

Ian is formerly of the Scottish Agricultural College here in Stornoway, and now works with Agrifood Technical Services Ltd while running his own farm in Northumberland.

He has looked at the common grazings here, village parks and crofts, to assess their current condition. The Management Plan will help us get the best out of the estate land, to the benefit of both crofters and the estate, and it will also guide us as to how improvements can be planned, delivered and funded.

Hopefully with this information, we will be able to address issues such as drainage, rush and heather control, equipment, stock management, infrastructure and other issues that impact on crofting and land management in this area.

The findings of the study will be shared in a future consultation exercise, and will be the groundwork for the development of a sheep stock club, should that be taken forward.

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