Crofter Training 2

Another interesting and useful training session was held in the Estate Office on the 25th of August, and crofters from both Keose, Keose Glebe and elsewhere were in attendance. Once again, the training was led by Ian Cairns of Agrifood Technical Services, and topics included: Sheep, Brexit and planning for the future; Sheep, markets and values; The impact of Brexit on sheep industry; New ideas to make practical flock management simpler; and new ideas for improved profitability.

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Crofter Training – Session 1

A very enjoyable and informative training session on ‘Grassland Weed Management and the Control of Common Rush’ was held on the 23rd of June.

This was open to all Keose and Glebe Crofters and Residents, and while not as many people as expected managed to attend, those that did found a lot to learn, discuss and think about, and which will be invaluable as we attempt to improve the quality of our soils, crofts and grazings. Continue reading “Crofter Training – Session 1”

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Land Management and Improvement

Ian Cairns will be back in the village this month, and this will give us an opportunity to discuss the findings of his Land Capability Study.

He will also provide a half day training session on Rushes/Croft/Land improvement.

The Land Capability Study discussion will be open to all Keose Glebe residents and crofters, and will take place at the Estate Office on Friday 23rd June at 7pm.

The Training Session will be open to anyone from Keose or Keose Glebe, and will take place at the Estate Office on Saturday 24th June from 10-2pm.

[Apologies – the above dates and times have been altered from those previously advertised due to unforeseen circumstances].

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Keose Glebe Equipment Training

There will be a training session on the new community equipment held next week.

Date and time has still to be arranged. We will update this post when we have further details.

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Exam Success

We have received notification that all those who took part in the recent Food Hygiene training have passed their exams.

Congratulations to Donna, Ann, Kay, Cathy, Louise, Susan and Scott, and hopefully the skills learnt will be put to good use in the community.

We look forward to seeing them with their certificates.

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Free Food Hygiene Training

Food Hygiene has been identified as an important local training need in relation to running community events which feature food, as well as people who wish to get involved with tourism related services/accommodation.

As part of our ongoing training program therefore, a full intermediate food hygiene course will be run on Monday and Tuesday evening in the Estate Office —from 6.30pm to 9.30pm (13th & 14th March).

This certified training will be carried out by Yvonne Richardson and is open to all Keose and Keose Glebe residents.

The costs of the course are £320 for the 2 evenings plus £17 for each person attending, but the full cost of this will be met by the estate in order to encourage as many participants as possible.

Please phone 830239, or email if you would like to take part

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Lews Castle College – 2017 Evening Classes

As part of our Community and Estate Management Training plans, we are looking to take advantage of the evening classes being run by Lews Castle College in February and March.

We hope to get a number of people trained in Computing (ECDL) and other disciplines, and we have had a number of expressions of interest from the village already.

There is funding support available to meet the costs of the training, but the estate will be willing to offer further financial assistance for local people on courses that help with the estates running and development.

Further details are available here:


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‘Safe Use of Pesticide’ and Sheep Sheering Training

The Muaitheabhal Trust are organising a Safe Use of Pesticide course (PA1) and associated supporting courses in using Hand Held Applicator (PA2) and Ground Crop Sprayer (PA6) and a Sheep Shearing course.

We are keen to assist anyone who wants to take part in these courses in any way we can, and to hopefully get some Keose Glebe people onto the courses ourselves.

The Muaitheabhal information is as follows:

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Lucky2BHere/Every Minute Counts

On Saturday 4th Jun, 5 members of the Keose/Keose Glebe Community attended CPR and Defibrillator training in Balallan.

This was a required condition of the villages here obtaining an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) device.

The importance of early response and intervention in heart attack incidents was starkly highlighted by the quoted survival rates—7% without timely aid,…rising to 74% if CPR, Defibrillation, Paramedics and appropriate post incident care are applied quickly and correctly.

This is all the more important for us here in rural communities, when even the fastest ambulance might be just too many vital minutes away.

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