Studying the Buyout — The Girl with a Van

Keose Glebe Estate have agreed to work with Dr Louise Senior of Manchester University as part of her year long study into the role of young people in music and community land management trusts.

This University of Manchester research project is called ‘Understanding Everyday Participation’

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This research will take Louise across the Western Isles, talking to all sorts of people and groups, but she will also follow the progress of the estate here over this year, and record the development and impact of the land buyout and our collective participation .

Luckily for us, she is staying just over the ‘border’ in Keose so she will be able to keep an independent and close eye on us.

She will be attending our anniversary event, so please say hello!


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Local VDSL Broadband Availability

The Estate has carried out research on possible fibre broadband (VDSL) speeds that are expected to be available  in the village.

On average, households here should be able to get 12 – 20mb/s downspeed download speeds and 1-2mb/s upload speeds.

This means that sufficient bandwidth for proper video streaming and video conferencing is finally here – hopefully spelling an end to the dreaded buffering egg-timer!

We have, however, identified 2 properties in the village, and a further 6 in Keose, where faults in the cabinet or in the exchange are potentially preventing people from connecting to these services.

These faults have been reported to the households in question, and fed back to Openreach for further investigation.

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