Donation Box Signage

New signage is planned to erected around the estate and elsewhere this year and the first of these has just been put into place. Thanks to Graphite Signs and Calum D Carmichael, our donation box at the end of the moor road now has a permanent display and instructions.

All donations are always gratefully received, and will be put to the use of maintaining and improving the estate.

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Donation of Chairs

We would like to thank the Rev. Paul Murray and the Congregation of Kinloch Free Church of Scotland for their very kind donation of chairs for the benefit of the community here.

The chairs will be used for our social gatherings and for any other local community events – we are hoping that the next event isn’t very far away!!

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Making a Donation

Given the number of people and visitors using the moor road, and taking walks on the moor, we have been regularly asked if there is a way to make donations to the Estate for upkeep, maintenance and other purposes.

To that end, we have purchased and installed a donation box at the beginning of the moor road |(left hand side)

Please point all donors in that direction! All donations are now welcome!

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Lucky2BHere Presentation

Following an Estate meeting, Alister Macdonald presented, on behalf of the Keose Glebe community, a cheque for £100 to Councillor Angus Morrison in support of the Lucky2BHere charity who have placed a  defibrillator in the village.

Having this valuable lifesaving equipment here is much appreciated, and we would like to thank both Angus and Lucky2BHere for the tireless work they have undertaken in fundraising, locating and maintaining defibrillators in many places across the islands.

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New Estate Cattle Grid

With financial assistance from Marine Harvest, and in conjunction with Keose Glebe Grazings, the moor road has been further upgraded with the installation of a new cattle grid. (The work being undertaken by AMK).

The old grid was getting to the end of its useful life, and the side walls had begun to fall, or were extremely wobbly. It is great therefore to see the new unit in place, compete with its hedgehog ladder and escape hope.

Thank you to all involved, and to Marine Harvest in particular. Continue reading “New Estate Cattle Grid”

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Tree Donation to Keose Glebe

Following the success of our tree-planting, a welcome further donation of around 100 trees (mostly sycamore) has been made to the community for planting locally.

These will now be planted in appropriate spots around the estate over the coming months.

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Keose & Glebe Funding Success

The Association has been successful in obtaining funding of over £25K towards the long awaited development of the Keose Playpark.

The Muitheabhal Trust and The Scottish Landfill Fund have been the welcome benefactors here, and this takes us a long way towards the required funding total.

A very useful and enthusiastic meeting was held in the meeting house on the 24th of May were the local residents, and primarily the children, had an opportunity to look at different pieces of play equipment, and to help the committee decide which ones were the most exciting and desirable.

Further fundraising work will now begin, and it is hoped that the community will be generous and help in donating towards this project, especially as It was pointed out that there are now 15 children between the two villages.

This is a remarkable change considering that only a few years ago there were only one or two.

All good positive stuff!

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Scottish Land Fund Visit

Rebekah Dundas from the Scottish Land Fund will be carrying out a first monitoring visit to the village, and will look at the work that we have undertaken since our acquisition of the estate.

She will be here on Tuesday the 20th of June between 3 and 5pm, and we would welcome anyone in the community who wants to come along then to meet with her, and to discuss matters.

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Happy 1st Birthday!

A year ago today, we completed the legal process to acquire the estate, and it officially became community owned.

That was quite an achievement, but that was only the beginning.

Much work and effort has be expended since then, and as we have now completed our first year, we hope to celebrate our achievements, reflect on a busy 12 months, and to plan for the year ahead, when the Keose Glebe Community meet up in Balallan on the 1st of April.

We would like however to again thank:

The Scottish Land Fund;
Highlands & Islands Enterprise;
Comhairle nan Eilean Siar;
Community Land Scotland;
Muaitheabhal Community Windfarm Trust;
Kinloch Community Council; and
Marine Harvest

For their help in starting us off and getting us here, for helping us bring positive change to the village, and for helping us build and strengthen our community togetherness.

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We would very much like to thank Alec John Mackenzie of AMK for his donation of office furniture to the estate; and to Lochs Motor Transport for the donation of box profile sheeting.

These will all be put to good use as we continue to develop our infrastructure, administration and various projects.

We are always happy to discuss, consider, receive and acknowledge any donations, whatever form they may be in – goods, services, time or whatever.


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