Keose Glebe Estate – AGM 2018

This will be held at the Keose Glebe Estate Office on Monday 16th April @ 7pm.

This in opportunity to look at what has been achieved in our first two years;
Where we are now;
What is currently being worked on;
To discuss what plans and ideas that you would like to see developed in the future; and
A chance to air any other constructive criticisms that will help us get better.

The Estate belongs to this community, and all the hard work being done is for your behalf, so it is important you attend and show your support and share your views.

All Estate Members (Full and Associate), Keose Glebe Residents, and Crofting Shareholders are welcome.

We very much look forward to seeing you.

Teas and Refreshments will be provided.

Please get in touch if you need assistance with transport.

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Playpark Equipment and Fundraising Discussion

The Keose & Glebe Community Association is holding a meeting to discuss the proposed Playpark development and the fundraising for it.

This will be held at the meeting house at 6:30pm on Wednesday 24th May.

While a display and plans of what is proposed with be on show, the Association would very much welcome any comments and suggestions, and particularly they would like the thoughts and opinions of the local youngsters as to what is is required and what can be afforded.

The building will be open from 2:30 to allow viewing of the plans.

All donations towards the fundraising are welcome.

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Keose Glebe Planning and Photo Night

23 members of the Keose Glebe Community met in Balallan hall on Saturday 1st April.

They were there to review the estate’s progress made in the first year of Community Ownership; to again discuss the strategic plan and direction of the estate; and to suggest projects or issues to be tackled or prioritised in year two.

Both the Estate Management Team, and the wider community were praised and thanked for their hard work and the volunteer hours put in.

The meeting noted that around 1700 hours of community effort had been invested thus far, and that a large number of projects and initiatives had been got underway.

The fact that the estate was now generating income, and enough income to meet its expenses was welcomed, and it was expected that further income would begin to drive additional development of the estate. Continue reading “Keose Glebe Planning and Photo Night”

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A study of land capability, habitat condition and land use at Keose Glebe

Ian Cairns has carried out a survey and assessment of the estate land, to help us develop an estate/grazings management and development plan.

Ian is formerly of the Scottish Agricultural College here in Stornoway, and now works with Agrifood Technical Services Ltd while running his own farm in Northumberland.

He has looked at the common grazings here, village parks and crofts, to assess their current condition. The Management Plan will help us get the best out of the estate land, to the benefit of both crofters and the estate, and it will also guide us as to how improvements can be planned, delivered and funded.

Hopefully with this information, we will be able to address issues such as drainage, rush and heather control, equipment, stock management, infrastructure and other issues that impact on crofting and land management in this area.

The findings of the study will be shared in a future consultation exercise, and will be the groundwork for the development of a sheep stock club, should that be taken forward.

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Renewables Feasibility Study Completed

Ecodyn have now completed the second and final part of the Renewables Feasibility study on behalf of Keose Glebe.

A high level summary of the main conclusions will be included with the next newsletter, but a copy of the full technical report is available to all members on request.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ecodyn for the evaluation work done,  for their assessment of it in the context of the current renewables marketplace, and for the options we have for taking things forward.

This data and analysis will now be used by the Estate in developing its plans for the future in conjunction with our wider development aims.

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Clay Pigeon Shooting Ground Consultation

Members results were:

27 (90%) for and 3 (10%) against – 30 votes in total

Crofters results were:

8 (89%) for, and 1 (11%) against – 9 votes in total

In addition, 4 current non-member residents voted (3 for and 1 against).

The Directors noted both the overall support from members and crofters for these proposals. They also noted the concerns raised, and agreed to seek ways that these could be minimised or mitigated.

Continue reading “Clay Pigeon Shooting Ground Consultation”

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Community Consultations 3 & 4

Community Consultation packs 3 and 4 have now gone out to Keose Glebe members and crofters for consideration.

Please get in touch if you have not received a copy.

Responses are requested by the 7th of February, and we would appreciate as many comments as possible.

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Loch Keose Fishery Development

The Estate has been fortunate in obtaining the assistance of Stefan Pozorski of 11b Keose in developing a report on fishing  on Loch Keose, and ways it could be developed and made more accessible.

Stefan is an experienced and keen fisherman himself, and has had some experience in  fishery development.

He has already completed a walkaround of the loch, and we look forward to hearing his thoughts and conclusions.


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Road Safety Walkaround

David Macarthur from Technical Services at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar will be in the village at around 4:30pm today to discuss the road safety issues that have been discussed at recent village meetings.

All are welcome to come along and discuss matters, and hopefully potential solutions can be identified.

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Crown Estate Visit

Rob Adam from the Crown Estate will be in the village on the 8th of September for a walkaround and to discuss issues relating to the local seabed and foreshore.

We will meet at the Weighbridge at 4.30pm.

This is especially relevant following the estate buyout and the community acquisition of the foreshore around Keose Glebe.

You are all welcome to come along and meet Rob, to ask questions, and to discuss any matters relating to how we develop this important asset.


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