Croft & Garden of the Year 2018

After much deliberation, the winners of this years awards has been announced.

Best Croft has been awarded to Kenny and Chrissie Martin in relation to 4 Keose Glebe, and the Best Garden award has gone to Mr Calum Dan Carmichael of 14 Keose Glebe.

Congratulations to them both. We will be presenting the awards shortly, and hope to have some pictures to share then.

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Donation of Chairs

We would like to thank the Rev. Paul Murray and the Congregation of Kinloch Free Church of Scotland for their very kind donation of chairs for the benefit of the community here.

The chairs will be used for our social gatherings and for any other local community events – we are hoping that the next event isn’t very far away!!

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Playpark Development

Work on the new Playpark for the two villages is nearing completion, with the final elements in relation to signage, safety matting, grass seeding and so on currently being undertaken.

A formal opening day event is now planned for the 1st of September, which will include fun and entertainment for all ages and the whole community, including a barbeque, bouncy castle and more.

Given the effort being put in to getting both the park and the launch, Keose Glebe Estate have decided not to run its own ‘community day’ this summer, but will instead assist with, and contribute to, the Community Association event.

A great deal of local volunteer effort has gone in to getting the park up and running, and this will be a fantastic resource for the children in the community.

This effort is much appreciated.

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Merry Christmas!

As we come to the end of another year, the Keose Glebe Directors would like to thank everyone in the community, and those friends and agencies who have again played a vital part in our development, for their ongoing help, support and assistance in 2017.

It is all very much appreciated, and very much to the betterment of the community here. Hopefully we will continue in the same positive way in the year ahead.

As a small thank-you, we would like to invite anyone who is around the village on Boxing day, and who would like to stretch their legs and say ‘hello’, to call in to the estate office for a ceilidh (any time after 7pm)

You might perhaps find some mince pies and other offerings awaiting sampling!!

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Keose Glebe Tree Planting Advances!

The community have been granted a further 420 trees from the Woodland Trust, and on a cold and damp Saturday in November, a bunch of hardy volunteers set out to plant them!!

This involved a whole range of tasks to be undertaken, from the building of the protective fencing, the trenching, the planting, and the tying of canes and plastic coils. [But] with a dedicated team, and each person with their own task, it becomes a process that works well and smoothly, and the trees get planted in best production line order. Continue reading “Keose Glebe Tree Planting Advances!”

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Keose Glebe Bonfire Night 2017

2017 is shaping up to be quite a year for the number of community events in recent Glebe history!

To add to the total, the local children went around the village ‘trick or treat’ing on Friday the 26th of October, before finishing up in the Estate Office to share their plunder!

Then, on Friday the 3rd of November, the 3rd Annual Keose Glebe Community bonfire was held, and despite the occasional attempt of the weather to misbehave, a great night of entertainment was had by all who attended!

Nearly 60 people (including 18 children) ventured out to watch the bonfire and firework display, and to catch up with friends and neighbours, while partaking of tea, coffee, burgers and other treats.

But we haven’t finished quite yet! Continue reading “Keose Glebe Bonfire Night 2017”

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Community Day Review

This was very much a step into the unknown for the Keose Glebe Community in many ways. In terms of organising and running an event of this nature, of knowing how well the venue chosen would work, whether the weather would hold together, and lots of other if, buts and maybe’s.

On the day however, things worked out brilliantly.

Ok, the marquee we had organised did not appear, the midges were intense both before and after the event, and a number of other challenges reared their heads. However, everyone kept cool, and worked away, diligently and without argument, so when it came to opening time, all was done, all was prepared, the midges had given up, and the sun had come out to shine!! Continue reading “Community Day Review”

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Crofter Training 2

Another interesting and useful training session was held in the Estate Office on the 25th of August, and crofters from both Keose, Keose Glebe and elsewhere were in attendance. Once again, the training was led by Ian Cairns of Agrifood Technical Services, and topics included: Sheep, Brexit and planning for the future; Sheep, markets and values; The impact of Brexit on sheep industry; New ideas to make practical flock management simpler; and new ideas for improved profitability.

Continue reading “Crofter Training 2”

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