Donation Box Signage

New signage is planned to erected around the estate and elsewhere this year and the first of these has just been put into place. Thanks to Graphite Signs and Calum D Carmichael, our donation box at the end of the moor road now has a permanent display and instructions.

All donations are always gratefully received, and will be put to the use of maintaining and improving the estate.

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Making a Donation

Given the number of people and visitors using the moor road, and taking walks on the moor, we have been regularly asked if there is a way to make donations to the Estate for upkeep, maintenance and other purposes.

To that end, we have purchased and installed a donation box at the beginning of the moor road |(left hand side)

Please point all donors in that direction! All donations are now welcome!

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Keose Glebe Tree Planting 2018

Keose Glebe have been awarded a further 420 trees by the Woodland Trust.

We would like to thank them very much for this.

The saplings will be delivered for planting in November, and again, we will look to create shelter belts and scenic spots around the village boundaries (as well as volunteers to help!)

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Moor Road Management

Below: The Keose Glebe Moor Road before the recent improvement works.

Photo Copyright David Macaulay (CorkyKeoseBoy)
Photo Copyright David Macaulay (CorkyKeoseBoy)

Over recent months, we have seen an increased amount of vehicle traffic using the moor road. Some of these visitors are using the road at all hours of the day or night, and are not always following the speed restrictions that we have put in place. Continue reading “Moor Road Management”

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The North Harris Trust along with Scottish Natural Heritage are embarking on a project to quantify the extent of Gunnera (Gunnera tinctoria) across the Western Isles. They will then work to produce a plan towards its management and eradication.

Gunnera, commonly known as ‘Giant Rhubarb’ is native to South America and was introduced as an ornamental garden plant. However, it has become an invasive species, taking over gardens and spreading into neighbouring crofts, along roadsides and onto hill land.

Growing to a height of 2m, the large Gunnera leaves shade and out-compete native plants. It can also cause problems by blocking drainage ditches and access tacks. Seeds are spread along water courses and by birds, but also through road building, movement of soil and clearing ditches. Gunnera thrives in our mild, wet climate and is now a major problem in Western Ireland where the climate and landscape is similar to that found in the Outer Hebrides.

Continue reading “Gunnera”

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Estate Maintenance

Running a (Community) estate takes some effort – administrative and practical; and each time we take on a new project, a little more of each is required. In addition, periodic maintenance is then necessary to ensure that everything is kept at the desired level and quality.

This means that, here in Keose Glebe, voluntary effort is required to, for example, cut grass, clean and bail boats, check moorings, paint walls, dig and replant flowerbeds, check trees, kill weeds, mend roads, clean offices; service vehicles and equipment, and more.

Continue reading “Estate Maintenance”

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Village Odd Job Night

We plan on having a village odd job night this Friday evening, 29th June.

Any extra hands to help with painting picnic benches, watering trees, erecting a road bollard and donation box and general clean up would be greatly appreciated.

Meet up is planned for 6pm at Keose Glebe fank.

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Keose Glebe – Spring Treeplanting

Around 200 trees have been planted this week, extending the tree-line from the moor road down towards the loch.

This brings the total planted around the village to around 1200, and thankfully almost of these have survived the winter, and are now beginning to bud and to show new growth, despite the cold spring holding things back a little.

The estate have also been awarded a further 420 trees from the Woodland Trust, and these will be delivered for planting later on in the year.

Thank you to the Woodland Trust, the other tree doners, and to the planters and fencers who have made all this possible.

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