Croft & Garden of the Year 2018

After much deliberation, the winners of this years awards has been announced.

Best Croft has been awarded to Kenny and Chrissie Martin in relation to 4 Keose Glebe, and the Best Garden award has gone to Mr Calum Dan Carmichael of 14 Keose Glebe.

Congratulations to them both. We will be presenting the awards shortly, and hope to have some pictures to share then.

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Croft & Garden of the Year 2018

We are again looking to award a prize for the village croft and village garden of the year. Both categories will be decided on by an independent referee towards the end of August. 11 Keose Glebe were worthy and double winners last year…Who will be victorious this time around????


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Moor Road Management

Below: The Keose Glebe Moor Road before the recent improvement works.

Photo Copyright David Macaulay (CorkyKeoseBoy)
Photo Copyright David Macaulay (CorkyKeoseBoy)

Over recent months, we have seen an increased amount of vehicle traffic using the moor road. Some of these visitors are using the road at all hours of the day or night, and are not always following the speed restrictions that we have put in place. Continue reading “Moor Road Management”

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New Keose Glebe Drains in Full Flow

Following the initial clean-up and scrub clearance by village volunteers, and then the cleaning of the drains by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, it is now great to see the drains full of winter snow and rain!

Hopefully, now that this water has somewhere to go, we will have  much drier crofts and parks, and there will be less water getting on to the roads themselves.

There are lots more drains to fix and bring back into use, and hopefully some more of these will be tackled in the year ahead.

Thank you again to the volunteers involved, and to CnES for their work.


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New Estate Cattle Grid

With financial assistance from Marine Harvest, and in conjunction with Keose Glebe Grazings, the moor road has been further upgraded with the installation of a new cattle grid. (The work being undertaken by AMK).

The old grid was getting to the end of its useful life, and the side walls had begun to fall, or were extremely wobbly. It is great therefore to see the new unit in place, compete with its hedgehog ladder and escape hope.

Thank you to all involved, and to Marine Harvest in particular. Continue reading “New Estate Cattle Grid”

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Crofter Training 2

Another interesting and useful training session was held in the Estate Office on the 25th of August, and crofters from both Keose, Keose Glebe and elsewhere were in attendance. Once again, the training was led by Ian Cairns of Agrifood Technical Services, and topics included: Sheep, Brexit and planning for the future; Sheep, markets and values; The impact of Brexit on sheep industry; New ideas to make practical flock management simpler; and new ideas for improved profitability.

Continue reading “Crofter Training 2”

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Best Keose Glebe Garden and Croft

During the Community Day on the 26th, the awards for the best village croft and garden will also be made. The independent judging panel will hopefully be coming around in the next few weeks in order to make their assessments.

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Crofter Training – Session 1

A very enjoyable and informative training session on ‘Grassland Weed Management and the Control of Common Rush’ was held on the 23rd of June.

This was open to all Keose and Glebe Crofters and Residents, and while not as many people as expected managed to attend, those that did found a lot to learn, discuss and think about, and which will be invaluable as we attempt to improve the quality of our soils, crofts and grazings. Continue reading “Crofter Training – Session 1”

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Land Management and Improvement

Ian Cairns will be back in the village this month, and this will give us an opportunity to discuss the findings of his Land Capability Study.

He will also provide a half day training session on Rushes/Croft/Land improvement.

The Land Capability Study discussion will be open to all Keose Glebe residents and crofters, and will take place at the Estate Office on Friday 23rd June at 7pm.

The Training Session will be open to anyone from Keose or Keose Glebe, and will take place at the Estate Office on Saturday 24th June from 10-2pm.

[Apologies – the above dates and times have been altered from those previously advertised due to unforeseen circumstances].

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