Playpark Development

Work on the new Playpark for the two villages is nearing completion, with the final elements in relation to signage, safety matting, grass seeding and so on currently being undertaken.

A formal opening day event is now planned for the 1st of September, which will include fun and entertainment for all ages and the whole community, including a barbeque, bouncy castle and more.

Given the effort being put in to getting both the park and the launch, Keose Glebe Estate have decided not to run its own ‘community day’ this summer, but will instead assist with, and contribute to, the Community Association event.

A great deal of local volunteer effort has gone in to getting the park up and running, and this will be a fantastic resource for the children in the community.

This effort is much appreciated.

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Keose & Glebe Community Association – AGM 2018

This meeting will take place at the Meeting Place, Keose on Friday the 2nd of February at 7pm.

As well as the formal business, there will be an opportunity to hear about the latest developments on the Community Park, together with plans for fundraising and other future events.

Refreshments will also be served.

It is hoped that there will be a good turnout from both villages.

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There be diggers!!

Work has now begun on the ground and drainage improvements at the Keose Community Playpark. This is preparatory work to improve the general playing area and to support the future siting of play equipment for which fundraising efforts are ongoing.

Any donations to this project are most welcome, and should be directed to Mrs Jan Gold at 8 Keose or Freddie Macleod at 6 Keose.

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Keose & Glebe Funding Success

The Association has been successful in obtaining funding of over £25K towards the long awaited development of the Keose Playpark.

The Muitheabhal Trust and The Scottish Landfill Fund have been the welcome benefactors here, and this takes us a long way towards the required funding total.

A very useful and enthusiastic meeting was held in the meeting house on the 24th of May were the local residents, and primarily the children, had an opportunity to look at different pieces of play equipment, and to help the committee decide which ones were the most exciting and desirable.

Further fundraising work will now begin, and it is hoped that the community will be generous and help in donating towards this project, especially as It was pointed out that there are now 15 children between the two villages.

This is a remarkable change considering that only a few years ago there were only one or two.

All good positive stuff!

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Playpark Equipment and Fundraising Discussion

The Keose & Glebe Community Association is holding a meeting to discuss the proposed Playpark development and the fundraising for it.

This will be held at the meeting house at 6:30pm on Wednesday 24th May.

While a display and plans of what is proposed with be on show, the Association would very much welcome any comments and suggestions, and particularly they would like the thoughts and opinions of the local youngsters as to what is is required and what can be afforded.

The building will be open from 2:30 to allow viewing of the plans.

All donations towards the fundraising are welcome.

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