Calabrie Clay Targets

The Clay Pigeon Shooting Ground will now be called ‘Calabrie Clay Targets’ (after a nearby estate owned islet in Loch Erisort).

Some initial testing of the installed equipment has now taken place, and we expect further development of the infrastructure (and associated safety measures) to take place over coming weeks.


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The Launch of the Keose Glebe ‘Heron’

Great fun was had when the Estate launched its first boat on Loch Keose. It was a real team effort, and everyone helped in getting the ‘Heron’ safely into the water.

Thank you to Calum D, Finlay, Alister, Cathy and Louise for ensuring that things went smoothly.

The boat is now available for hire. Please get in touch with a director, email or look on our website for further details.

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Loch Keose Access Costs 2017

Boat Hire (Up to 3 passengers – Oars and Lifejackets provided)

  1 Hour Hire 4 Hour HIre Day HIre
Public £10 £17.50 £25
Associate Keose Glebe Member £7.50 £15 £20
Full Keose Glebe Member £5 £10 £15

Own Boat Mooring Charges (Season)

Public £100
Associate Keose Glebe Member £75
Full Keose Glebe Member £50

Please get in touch for further details and bookings.

Debit/Credit Card Facilities are available

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The New Fishing Season on Loch Keose

Keose Glebe households should have received a copy of the first part of the Stephan (Ski) Pozorski’ appraisal of the fishing of Loch Keose for your comments.

We hope that Stefan will be conducting the next part of his study once the new fishing season on the Loch begins, and he gets his first chance to battle it out with its inhabitants.

Thankfully, this is not too far away as the fishing season begins on the 15th of March.

People will, from this year, be able to put their own boats on the Loch for the season. While there are limited available spaces, priority will be given, and a discount made, for Keose Glebe members.

A mooring space will be made available on a first come, first served basis, but the boat owner will be responsible for the boat, the mooring and any other necessary (safety) equipment and insurances.

A fee rate is currently being finalised, but if you are at all interested in having and using a boat on the Loch, please get in touch with us and register an interest by the end of the month.

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Clay Pigeon Shooting Ground Consultation

Members results were:

27 (90%) for and 3 (10%) against – 30 votes in total

Crofters results were:

8 (89%) for, and 1 (11%) against – 9 votes in total

In addition, 4 current non-member residents voted (3 for and 1 against).

The Directors noted both the overall support from members and crofters for these proposals. They also noted the concerns raised, and agreed to seek ways that these could be minimised or mitigated.

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Operational Pipeline

Some initial pumping on the new Marine Harvest pipeline has now taken place – primarily in order to test the system and to provide some ballast in the water holding pens in Loch Erisort.

By the time you read this, it is expected that the pipeline will be in full operation, and the first treatment of  salmon will have taken place.

Hopefully this will go well, and will go on to be a win-win situation for Marine Harvest, the estate, and importantly, the local environment.

The pipeline is able to pump 250m3 per hour (over 50,000 gallons), but the overall extraction rate is governed by SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) who issue a daily extraction allowance.

Fortunately (or unfortunately) even at full capacity, the pump has barely scratched the extraction allowance due to the continuing high levels of rainfall locally.

We hope to have an official opening of the system once all the testing has been completed.

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New Mobile Post Office Service

The new weekly Mobile Post Office service is due to begin next week (30th January),  and will be coming to the villages of Keose/Keose Glebe each Monday morning.

It will stop at the Meeting Housing between 11:20am and 12:20pm

Why not come down and say ‘Hello’, and see what they have to offer!

They hope to provide a wide range of services, including car tax; cash deposits and withdrawals to nearly all banks; currency; benefit and pension payments; and of course taking mail.

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Community Consultations 3 & 4

Community Consultation packs 3 and 4 have now gone out to Keose Glebe members and crofters for consideration.

Please get in touch if you have not received a copy.

Responses are requested by the 7th of February, and we would appreciate as many comments as possible.

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