Work on the new Community Playpark begins

After all the fundraising efforts, now the hard work of putting all the equipment together and getting it installed correctly begins. Much thought has been given to how is should be sited, to ensuring safe use, and just to make it fun to use. Any volunteers willing to help in any capacity would be much appreciated.

Follow the developments at Keose & Glebe Community Association

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Keose Glebe – Spring Treeplanting

Around 200 trees have been planted this week, extending the tree-line from the moor road down towards the loch.

This brings the total planted around the village to around 1200, and thankfully almost of these have survived the winter, and are now beginning to bud and to show new growth, despite the cold spring holding things back a little.

The estate have also been awarded a further 420 trees from the Woodland Trust, and these will be delivered for planting later on in the year.

Thank you to the Woodland Trust, the other tree doners, and to the planters and fencers who have made all this possible.

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