Village Drainage

Hebridean Housing have started doing some remedial drainage work at the end of the village, and working together with the Keose Glebe Estate and Keose Glebe Grazings, it is hoped that the existing arterial drains and culverts will be  cleaned out at the same time.

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Lucky2BHere Presentation

Following an Estate meeting, Alister Macdonald presented, on behalf of the Keose Glebe community, a cheque for £100 to Councillor Angus Morrison in support of the Lucky2BHere charity who have placed a  defibrillator in the village.

Having this valuable lifesaving equipment here is much appreciated, and we would like to thank both Angus and Lucky2BHere for the tireless work they have undertaken in fundraising, locating and maintaining defibrillators in many places across the islands.

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