Keose Glebe Tree Planting Advances!

The community have been granted a further 420 trees from the Woodland Trust, and on a cold and damp Saturday in November, a bunch of hardy volunteers set out to plant them!!

This involved a whole range of tasks to be undertaken, from the building of the protective fencing, the trenching, the planting, and the tying of canes and plastic coils. [But] with a dedicated team, and each person with their own task, it becomes a process that works well and smoothly, and the trees get planted in best production line order. Continue reading “Keose Glebe Tree Planting Advances!”

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Keose Glebe Bonfire Night 2017

2017 is shaping up to be quite a year for the number of community events in recent Glebe history!

To add to the total, the local children went around the village ‘trick or treat’ing on Friday the 26th of October, before finishing up in the Estate Office to share their plunder!

Then, on Friday the 3rd of November, the 3rd Annual Keose Glebe Community bonfire was held, and despite the occasional attempt of the weather to misbehave, a great night of entertainment was had by all who attended!

Nearly 60 people (including 18 children) ventured out to watch the bonfire and firework display, and to catch up with friends and neighbours, while partaking of tea, coffee, burgers and other treats.

But we haven’t finished quite yet! Continue reading “Keose Glebe Bonfire Night 2017”

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