Geocaches on the Glebe

5 Geocaches have been placed on the Keose Glebe Estate for people to find, and for them to enjoy the scenery and views into the bargain!

Details on their locations will be uploaded shortly.

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Moor Road Speed Signs

As previously stated, a 10 mile per hour speed restriction and a 3.5 ton weight limit have been applied to the Keose Glebe moor road.

We have now obtained the appropriate signage and this has been installed (thank you to Graphite Signs and Angus Macdonald for this).

We would be grateful if these limits can be observed at all times.

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2017 Estate Membership

Estate Membership payments for 2017 are now due. This is still only £1 for the year, and if you are a Keose Glebe Resident or Crofter, it gives you full voting rights on Estate business (as well as preferential rates on services and activities).

Associate Memberships are also available, if you live out-with the village, but have a family connection here, or just an interest in what is going on. Again this is only £1 for the year, and it too provides discounts on estate services and activities).

Please get in touch with Cathy Morrison or an Estate Director today!

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