Community Day Review

This was very much a step into the unknown for the Keose Glebe Community in many ways. In terms of organising and running an event of this nature, of knowing how well the venue chosen would work, whether the weather would hold together, and lots of other if, buts and maybe’s.

On the day however, things worked out brilliantly.

Ok, the marquee we had organised did not appear, the midges were intense both before and after the event, and a number of other challenges reared their heads. However, everyone kept cool, and worked away, diligently and without argument, so when it came to opening time, all was done, all was prepared, the midges had given up, and the sun had come out to shine!!

We then had a fantastic afternoon, where the communities of both villages turned out in numbers, together with an amazing amount of kids and young people, to enjoy a bouncy castle; face painting, nerf gun shooting, the bring and buy sale, nail painting, tug-of-wars (Well done to the Glebe for out-pulling their Keose rivals!) and lots more.

It was just lovely to see everyone, old and young, mixing and socialising, and all were well looked after and catered for by the folk at the Tea Stall, and at the Barbeque.

So we have many, many thank you’s here.

To all the helpers, the bakers, the gatekeepers, the raffle ticket sellers, the stall holders, and those who so willingly fetched, and ran, just ‘did stuff’, and helped tidy up afterwards….thank you.

To Pursuit Hebrides, who both provided much of the equipment, but who were calm, wise, and had alternatives and backup plans, when we had our odd panic moments(!), thank you.

To Charles Macleod, the Blackhouse Bakery and Macaskill fuels, we thank you for your produce and support. It is nice to reaffirm the historical and other connections to the villages with people who now live and work elsewhere.

Most of all, the biggest thank you to the local people who turned out, participated, and made it so special. It was a fun day, and shows what we can achieve, even as a small community, so roll on next year…just let the sun keep shining!!

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