Loch Keose Clean-up

Taking advantage of the good weather, and the fall in the water level of the loch, which exposed more of the loch floor than is usual, a number of volunteers (and dog) went about collecting the rubbish that had been thrown in, and that was now visible.

Given its proximity to the village, and the popularity of the loch as a fishing location over many decades, it was unsurprising to find jars and bottles, but their quantity was unexpected. Some of the other items, such as boot soles in large numbers, were not anticipated.

The majority of the glass items had been broken, so care had to be taken in their collection.

In total, around 25 pails of rubbish were collected before the water returned to its normal levels.

Hopefully, this will make things safer for any fishermen, other loch users, livestock and other animals around the Loch.

We will hopefully, depending on the weather and rainfall, get an opportunity to do this again next year, but in the meantime, we would ask people to be vigilant and careful, especially when in or around the water.

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