Community Day Review

This was very much a step into the unknown for the Keose Glebe Community in many ways. In terms of organising and running an event of this nature, of knowing how well the venue chosen would work, whether the weather would hold together, and lots of other if, buts and maybe’s.

On the day however, things worked out brilliantly.

Ok, the marquee we had organised did not appear, the midges were intense both before and after the event, and a number of other challenges reared their heads. However, everyone kept cool, and worked away, diligently and without argument, so when it came to opening time, all was done, all was prepared, the midges had given up, and the sun had come out to shine!! Continue reading “Community Day Review”

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Crofter Training 2

Another interesting and useful training session was held in the Estate Office on the 25th of August, and crofters from both Keose, Keose Glebe and elsewhere were in attendance. Once again, the training was led by Ian Cairns of Agrifood Technical Services, and topics included: Sheep, Brexit and planning for the future; Sheep, markets and values; The impact of Brexit on sheep industry; New ideas to make practical flock management simpler; and new ideas for improved profitability.

Continue reading “Crofter Training 2”

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Keose & Glebe Community Walk

On the 19th of August, over 20 current and former Keose and Keose Glebe residents took a grand tour of the two villages, recounting and sharing history, annecdotes, development plans and ideas and more!

From the end of Keose Glebe, via Loch Keose, down to a lunch-stop at the meeting house, around the Ard Mhor and ending back at the Play Area, the group (both old and young) had a great time, and weren’t (too) hampered or deterred by access and bad weather!

A big thank you to Dorcas for her conceiving and organisation of the day, and hopefully this can be a regular event on the Keose social calendar

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Finding The Lost Glebe [4] – Mac an t-Sronaich

Perhaps more is imagined than is actually known, but the story goes that Mac an t-Sronaich was a notorious and shadowy murderer and robber of Lewis legend who was active in Lewis in the early 19th century.

He lived in a cave behind Keose in Lochs that is still known as Uamh Mac an t-Sronaich and he was reputedly the first cousin of Lilly Macaulay Linshader, the wife of Rev Robert Finlayson, Keose Manse. Continue reading “Finding The Lost Glebe [4] – Mac an t-Sronaich”

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Best Keose Glebe Garden and Croft

During the Community Day on the 26th, the awards for the best village croft and garden will also be made. The independent judging panel will hopefully be coming around in the next few weeks in order to make their assessments.

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Upcoming Community Day

Plans are underway for the Community Day to be held on the 26th of August (See advert elsewhere), so we would be grateful if you dig out any unwanted goods you may have to go into the bring and buy sale, and for any donations of baking for the day. The Storage container will be open on Friday the 25th of August for people who wish to drop stuff off.

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