Keose & Glebe Funding Success

The Association has been successful in obtaining funding of over £25K towards the long awaited development of the Keose Playpark.

The Muitheabhal Trust and The Scottish Landfill Fund have been the welcome benefactors here, and this takes us a long way towards the required funding total.

A very useful and enthusiastic meeting was held in the meeting house on the 24th of May were the local residents, and primarily the children, had an opportunity to look at different pieces of play equipment, and to help the committee decide which ones were the most exciting and desirable.

Further fundraising work will now begin, and it is hoped that the community will be generous and help in donating towards this project, especially as It was pointed out that there are now 15 children between the two villages.

This is a remarkable change considering that only a few years ago there were only one or two.

All good positive stuff!

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