Another Great Tree-Planting Day

The sun shone as we dug and drained ground, planted, tied and protected over 400 trees.

The trees – a mixture of hazel, crab apple, downy birch, hawthorn, holly, goat willow, as well as the planting equipment were all donated by the Woodland Trust.

8 people from the community took part, and worked diligently during the day in order to get all the trees happily bedded.

The process was divided into a number of different steps: Turning over the ground; digging a planting hole; planting the tree; checking that the tree was properly planted and caned; apply the protective plastic tubing; watering; and tying the trees to the canes.

Each person had his own task, and this meant that we had an efficient production line.

A total of 525 trees have now been planted on Keose Glebe in the last 6 months.

We would like to, once again, thank the Woodland Trust for their support; to the workers who made the work so enjoyable; and to Donna for providing welcome refreshments.

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