The New Fishing Season on Loch Keose

Keose Glebe households should have received a copy of the first part of the Stephan (Ski) Pozorski’ appraisal of the fishing of Loch Keose for your comments.

We hope that Stefan will be conducting the next part of his study once the new fishing season on the Loch begins, and he gets his first chance to battle it out with its inhabitants.

Thankfully, this is not too far away as the fishing season begins on the 15th of March.

People will, from this year, be able to put their own boats on the Loch for the season. While there are limited available spaces, priority will be given, and a discount made, for Keose Glebe members.

A mooring space will be made available on a first come, first served basis, but the boat owner will be responsible for the boat, the mooring and any other necessary (safety) equipment and insurances.

A fee rate is currently being finalised, but if you are at all interested in having and using a boat on the Loch, please get in touch with us and register an interest by the end of the month.

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