New Businesses start up in Keose Glebe

We are delighted to see new business ventures start up here.

Home Maintenance Services recently got into full swing, and we are pleased to hear from Gordon Greenhowe, the man behind it and we wish him every future success.

Gordon writes:

“I had been working for Tesco Maintenance for the past five and a half years. I felt it was time to try something different while keeping involved in maintenance work, which I really enjoy.

My initial plan was to enter the market slowly on a 2 day week while having the security of the Tesco Maintenance job still there.

It soon became clear there was a desperate need for my services on a full time basis, which I went for in December 2016.

It has so far proved to be the right decision with a busy work diary ahead of me.

Most of my work is decoration based but I also partake in most aspects of handyman work and have some experience in a lot of fields. 

I love to make a difference in people’s homes and lives, whether it be decorative form or from a safety point of view. 

Please feel free to discuss any plans or work you are thinking about in the future, I’d be happy to advise or quote for any service that I provide. 

The idea of self employment was always in the back of my mind, but it was the move to Keose Glebe that helped it to become a reality, with the faith and encouragement from all at number 10.”

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