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Finding the Lost Glebe [2] – Karl Max and Ewen Campbell

It is surprising to think that the current extent of our Community Estate is maybe in part down to Karl Marx!

A rising public clamour against the ‘monopoly of land’ in the 1860’s and 70’s was then sweeping through the European Continent, and embodied by the London based writings of Karl Marx, not least by the publication of his seminal work—’Capital’.

This consequently prompted a concerned British Establishment to try to rapidly extinguish any spark of revolutionary sentiment in the United Kingdom.

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Putting Down Roots

Keose Glebe recently applied for, and were delighted to be awarded a tree pack by the Woodland Trust, to help mark the Community Buyout of the Estate.

105 ‘Wild Wood’ saplings were received and these were planted by Loch Keose on the  12th of November.

Despite the cold and wet weather that day , three hardy souls braved the elements, and found some moments of sunshine, as they dug, mounded, drained, planted and protected the young trees.

The trees are a mixture of Rowan, Hazel, Hawthorn, Holly and Birch—all varieties bred to better withstand the exposure, climate and soils of the islands here.

To mark the buyout, each tree will be tagged and numbered, and each linked to a member of the Estate.

Thank you to Calum Dan Carmichael, Angus Macdonald, Angus Smith and Finlay Macdonald for their contribution and hard work.

We  hope to apply for more trees in the spring, and to create small shelter belts and attractive copses in appropriate places on the estate, and hopefully too, we will get better planting weather next time, so that more of the community can join in the effort.


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Loch Keose Fishery Development

The Estate has been fortunate in obtaining the assistance of Stefan Pozorski of 11b Keose in developing a report on fishing  on Loch Keose, and ways it could be developed and made more accessible.

Stefan is an experienced and keen fisherman himself, and has had some experience in  fishery development.

He has already completed a walkaround of the loch, and we look forward to hearing his thoughts and conclusions.


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