The Office Estate Membership Cards are here!

While practically the whole village has now signed up for the first years membership of our community estate (well done and thank you!), we would now like to encourage as many other people as possible, perhaps family members, cousins, friends or anyone with a connection or interest in this place, to become associate members.

This will keep them informed, through newsletters and access to online information, to what is happening on the estate, what projects and developments are being considered, and it will allow them to comment and get involved in the matters that you, as resident members, will ulti-mately consider and decide upon.

It is hoped in future too, that other benefits of member-ship will also be developed (ideas gratefully received!).

It will also allow the community here to hopefully be supported and encouraged by the knowledge and expertise that the Keose Glebe diaspora undoubtedly possess.

The cost of this membership is currently only £1 annually, and so we would welcome your help in getting as many people signed up as we can. Perhaps even 100??

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