Since the Keose Glebe Community acquired ownership of the foreshore around the estate, including the majority of the bay at Port na Caraigh (up to the Carrington’s Garages), there have been a number of requests or expressions of interest from people looking to obtain a mooring for their boats here.

The existing moorings around Tavay are in limited supply, but the tidal nature of the bay, together with general access and other difficulties, makes short term or ‘easy’ expansion problematic.

Moorings in deeper waters are still governed by the Crown Estate (who we hope to meet this month)

We are, however, keen to see what expertise and advice can be brought to the matter, and what funding can be obtained to improve matters and access for all would-be users (without any detriment to the current mooring holders). Initially therefore, we would like to (informally at this stage):

Draw up a register of the current moorings, their locations and holders;

  • Assess the demand for additional moorings and facilities – initially from the inhabitants of the villages of Keose and Keose Glebe, but from further afield also;
  • To get some initial thoughts and comments from any interested party – both on what could and needs to be done around the bay and harbour, and any negative issues that affect use and enjoyment at the present time.

Please contact us with your information, views and expressions of interest.


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