Developing a Pathway Network

As was highlighted in our buyout feasibility study last year, walking is an activity with many health and other benefits, both for residents and visitors alike…perhaps fortunately for us – in both good and bad weather(!)

While there is a general right to roam here, as long as damage or disturbance is not being caused – difficulties arising from the terrain itself, access through fields and fences, and general underfoot conditions, makes walking around the villages perhaps more arduous than we would like.

This means that we often miss out on the best routes and views that the place can offer, and other historic or interesting places.

Without any designated routes, choice of pathways, age and ability and ‘all year round’ options, we are primarily left with only the main road into the villages – not ideal from a safety point of view, or for generating ongoing interest or supporting the formation of good and interesting habits.

We would therefore like to investigate the development of a paths network – both on the Keose Glebe estate itself, and linked to and around the village of Keose.

A number of (unsurfaced) historic paths and rights of ways exist, although these have fallen out of general use in recent years, and there are also a number of moor roads and tracks that could possibly link together and form part of this network (see below)

Landowner, Grazings and individual crofter permissions would have to be sought here as appropriate, and the necessary gates, fences etc erected and installed…but it could all be done in a way that would be of benefit to all.

Again, your thoughts, comments and ideas here would be welcome.

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