Keose Glebe Naming Project

Following on from our successful Estate launch day (when the sun was shining), and our remembrance of the original families who settled here back in the 1930’s, it has been suggested that it might be an idea to formally record the names of these initial crofters and their wives in relation to currently unnamed landscape features.

While it is likely that every spot on the Glebe was named and known at one time, most of these placenames have now been forgotten, but there are a number of hills, valleys, lochans, pools and other locations that could be ‘re-dedicated’ where the original name is lost…perhaps in a similar style to the ‘Gleann Tharmoid’ (named after Norman Munro who lived there and worked on the estate back in the 19th Century)

Obviously local knowledge of names and places is vital here, and perhaps there are already certain places associated with the people in question. Your thoughts, comments and ideas here would be welcome, as always.

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