New Internet Provision

As you may have noticed, we a new piece of roadside furniture as you drive into Keose (opposite the Kennedy residence at 11a).

This is the new Openreach Street Cabinet which will bring improved internet connectivity to the area.

A Fibre Optic cable to this cabinet will be laid in the next few months, and then the existing copper telephone wiring will bring the internet down the last leg to our homes and businesses.

As with the current ADSL services we currently receive, and which provides an internet speed of between 1-3mb/s on average, the further you are away from this cabinet, the slower your internet will be.

However, it is expected that the average speed will increase to between 15-20mb/s even at the furthest property on the Glebe – which is a significant and welcome improvement.

In the future too, there are technologies coming along which will extend the range and even upgrade the current planned maximum.

There may also be opportunities, on the back of this new development, for some community wide schemes to aid tourism and mobile working.

Orders for these new services are not currently being taken, but we will keep you informed as we hear more.

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