Estate Strategic Planning Meeting

A Community meeting will be held in the Keose Meeting House on Wednesday, 6th July at 7pm.

An update on the buyout will be provided, there will be discussion regarding the development plans of the estate, and also some news about new projects that will need community and crofter consideration.

We would very much like to see you there, but we are happy to discuss any issues if you are unable to attend.
Just get in touch.

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‘Safe Use of Pesticide’ and Sheep Sheering Training

The Muaitheabhal Trust are organising a Safe Use of Pesticide course (PA1) and associated supporting courses in using Hand Held Applicator (PA2) and Ground Crop Sprayer (PA6) and a Sheep Shearing course.

We are keen to assist anyone who wants to take part in these courses in any way we can, and to hopefully get some Keose Glebe people onto the courses ourselves.

The Muaitheabhal information is as follows:

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Newsletter 8

The new community newsletter is being circulated to all members and associate members.

We hope you enjoy.

Please feed back any thoughts or comments to any of the Directors.

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New Internet Provision

As you may have noticed, we a new piece of roadside furniture as you drive into Keose (opposite the Kennedy residence at 11a).

This is the new Openreach Street Cabinet which will bring improved internet connectivity to the area.

A Fibre Optic cable to this cabinet will be laid in the next few months, and then the existing copper telephone wiring will bring the internet down the last leg to our homes and businesses.

As with the current ADSL services we currently receive, and which provides an internet speed of between 1-3mb/s on average, the further you are away from this cabinet, the slower your internet will be.

However, it is expected that the average speed will increase to between 15-20mb/s even at the furthest property on the Glebe – which is a significant and welcome improvement.

In the future too, there are technologies coming along which will extend the range and even upgrade the current planned maximum.

There may also be opportunities, on the back of this new development, for some community wide schemes to aid tourism and mobile working.

Orders for these new services are not currently being taken, but we will keep you informed as we hear more.

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Lucky2BHere/Every Minute Counts

On Saturday 4th Jun, 5 members of the Keose/Keose Glebe Community attended CPR and Defibrillator training in Balallan.

This was a required condition of the villages here obtaining an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) device.

The importance of early response and intervention in heart attack incidents was starkly highlighted by the quoted survival rates—7% without timely aid,…rising to 74% if CPR, Defibrillation, Paramedics and appropriate post incident care are applied quickly and correctly.

This is all the more important for us here in rural communities, when even the fastest ambulance might be just too many vital minutes away.

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