Post Launch Day “Thank You’s”

Thank you to all the visitors and former Keose Glebe residents who took part in the day. It was just lovely to see you all.

Thank you too to the many people who prepared the most fantastic baking, to lots of others unnamed here, for their messages of goodwill and support, and those who helped and assisted in all sorts of small but important ways during the day, and in its run-up.

It was all very much appreciated.

A special thank you however to the visitors who were tasked with special duties:-

John A Maciver, for entertaining and for keeping matters running smoothly and to schedule (and for keeping people right on the letters of the Gaelic alphabet);

To Gordon Mackintosh, for his fantastic, but occasionally lonely, piping stint;

To the Rev. Iain M Campbell, for his appropriate words and for representing the Church of Scotland (who put the Glebe into Keose Glebe) here;

To Lorne Macleod of Community Land Scotland for his kind words;

and to the other funders and advisors who were present and who again reiterated their support for this community going forward;

And finally to the Good Food Boutique; GDK Design; Kinloch Historical Society; Lochs Agricultural Society; and Calmax Construction for their invaluable services, equipment and logistics.

Pictures of the day will be posted soon!

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The Keose Glebe Buyout: A Personal Reflection

Dear Friends – Known and Unknown,

Greetings to you all on this significant day in the ongoing life of Keose Glebe.

I was deeply touched by the very kind Invitation you sent me, to be with you on this day and for this significant function.

Regrettably this date and your special function clashes with another urgent pastoral duty taking place here in Edinburgh on this same day.

I had promised a dear brother-officer, who had been badly wounded by the IRA and served with me at the Army Scottish Division Headquarters Edinburgh, that that I would be present with him at this special function.

Accordingly, I know you will understand how and why I cannot be with you today and take comfort from the fact that my brother Donalasdair will read my message to you all.

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Launch Day Itinerary (Program to commence promptly at 3pm)

Given the limited facilities currently available locally, the always present chance of wind and rain (even on the best of days), and our dislike of public speaking, we intend this to be a short event – light on speeches, heavier on symbolism, and really just as an excuse for bringing people together.

It will hopefully still be memorable however, as well as being warm and sunny.

This is, after all, our official marking of a historic event – the acquisition of the land by, and for the benefit of, the community here.

What we will ultimately make of that opportunity still remains to be seen [but] as well as celebrating this current moment/achievement, and as well as looking forward together – we also would like to take the opportunity of sharing the day and reminiscing a little with those who were part of that initial settlement of the Glebe over 80 years ago — a few of the people who lived and grew up here in its earliest, formative days.

We will take a short amble, starting from the former gateway where ‘Nead a Sgoil’ meets ‘Port na Carraidh’, past the Meeting House, past the Weigh-Bridge, and finally up to the new Estate Office up the hill (Cnoc an Oifis perhaps?). (See itinerary and map overleaf for further details)

We very much look forward to seeing you—former residents, current Glebe-achs and new and old visitors alike on Saturday.

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New Estate Office Arrives On Site

The set-up  and running of the Estate Company has taken a step forward.

The new estate office has been delivered to its stance on ‘Cnoc na h-Oifis’ and work is underway on getting it and its surroundings ready for the launch day.

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