Keose Glebe Estate Membership

The purchase of the estate here was not an end in itself.

The aim was for us the community to have more opportunity, involvement and control in the development of the village.

These are not just empty words – we will have to provide evidence to our funders, and perhaps just as importantly, those following the fortunes of the Community Land Buyout movement, that this is happening.

As part of the  Scottish Land Fund award requirements for example, we will have to show that ownership of the estate will:

‘increase the opportunity for greater community involvement and engagement in the management and development of the Estate’

Helpfully, they have given us a tool to quantify this.

An indicator to measure this will be:

‘A high proportion of residents take membership of the Keose Glebe Estate Ltd’.

It is again heartening that, just a few short weeks after the membership process was opened up, that already almost 90% of Keose Glebe residents over 16 years of age have paid their £1 annual fee and signed up, and that we have already exceeded our initial target.

We would very much now like to see this as close to 100% as possible, so that we hear, include and act on all the views and opinions in the village.

We would encourage anyone who still has not received, completed or returned a form, to speak to the Steering Group if they wish to do so now.

Friends of Keose Glebe

Associate Membership, also just £1 per annum initially, is also available to anyone not a resident of the village, but who has a connection, family tie or interest in the place and what we hope to achieve here.

This will allow you to keep up to date with what is happening locally; give you a chance to be consulted on various matters as they arise; and for you to be able to share your experiences, knowledge and ideas from other places and walks of life to the benefit of the Keose Glebe Community.

We also hope to develop further membership benefits as time goes on.

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