Village Tidy-Up 2

A Skip provided by CnES will be in the village this week, and Calum Dan will be on duty on Saturday to assist anyone with getting disposed material safely loaded, and also to advise on what can and can’t be put in.

There will also be help available for anyone who needs help in getting stuff transported.

Just get in touch.


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Village Heating

As part of the background research to support our Renewables Feasibility Study,  we are collecting information on the types of home heating currently being used in the community.

One of the Directors will be in touch to gather the required details, and it would be useful if we can get as many responses as possible.

The data will be used to assess energy needs and demand, and what technologies are best suited to our situation and circumstances.

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Newsletter 7

The new community newsletter is being circulated to all members and associate members.

We hope you enjoy.

Please feed back any thoughts or comments to any of the Directors.

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Keose Glebe Estate Membership

The purchase of the estate here was not an end in itself.

The aim was for us the community to have more opportunity, involvement and control in the development of the village.

These are not just empty words – we will have to provide evidence to our funders, and perhaps just as importantly, those following the fortunes of the Community Land Buyout movement, that this is happening.

As part of the  Scottish Land Fund award requirements for example, we will have to show that ownership of the estate will:

‘increase the opportunity for greater community involvement and engagement in the management and development of the Estate’

Helpfully, they have given us a tool to quantify this.

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Further Project Development

We have begun work on further research on three projects that were identified in the Feasibility study last year.

An investigation into the requirements, costs and issues relating to a Multi-purpose Community building in this area is currently being undertaken by Robert Fraser, an architectural firm based in North Uist (

The firm have visited the Keose/Keose Glebe villages and made some initial surveys in terms of assessing existing infrastructure, village topography, planning requirements, parking etc.

We hope that once these preliminary findings are available, we can, with consultation and input from the communities, agree on an appropriate building and site to take forward to the next stage of funding and detailed consideration.

£10,000 has also been awarded to Keose Glebe by CARES – the Scottish Government ‘Community And Renewable Energy Scheme’.

This is to allow us, with assistance from Local Energy Scotland and Community Energy Scotland, to assess the potential of developing appropriate renewable energy project in this area.

We have awarded this work to a Company called Ecodyn (, and we hope to have our first initial meeting with them this week (19th April).

Further feasibility work on walks/a walks network, and a sheep stock club are currently being tendered – hopefully we will have further news on these matters shortly.

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Village Tidyup

In relation to the above, we would very much like to order a warm sunny day!

While that is sadly outwith our control, we would still like the village to look its
best, especially if we have guests and dignitaries attending.

Going forward, as we head into summer, it is more likely we will have curious visitors coming to see somewhere that has been more in the press and news than is usual of late.

That leaves us with just over five weeks to do what we can before the end of May, so we have arranged an initial tidy up exercise for this Saturday, the 23rd of April.

This will give us an opportunity to assess what needs to be done; to get to grips with the roadsides; strim and cut grass where appropriate; and to tackle anything else that is within our abilities and gift to complete. Again, any ideas are welcome.

While we intend to start operations at 10am, we would be grateful for any assistance or input from villagers during the day, so we would hope to see as many people there as possible.

All weather permitting of course, and as a special reward, there will be tea and cake served afterwards.

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Official Buyout Ceremony

Following on from the successful buyout of the estate last month, we are planning an official event on Saturday the 28th of May to properly mark and celebrate the historic achievement.

We are currently working on a number of ideas as to how this could be best done, and any thoughts and ideas you may have on the matter would be most welcome.

Currently we are looking at two distinct parts to the day. Firstly in the afternoon, our idea was for an short, formal process with the actual handover ceremony taking place (perhaps at the Meeting House and around the ‘entrance’ to the Glebe); and later, a more relaxed, and enjoyable social gathering for the village and friends (up on the Glebe itself).

All the residents of the village are very much the VIP’s on this occasion, and are most cordially invited to attend this hopefully memorable day.

We will come back to you with further information and an itinerary as things develop over the next few weeks

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